Caution:  Never use a pencil to write a cheque -Use a pen with dark ink  -or better a security pen with anti-fraud ink which helps to

                 prevent fraud.

1.  Date:

To help you complete the date, manual or hand-written cheques will have boxes for day DD, month MM, year YYYY.  

In most cases, you will write the current date.
Post-dating cheques for the future is often done for paying rent as requested by a landlord and it usually works well for both parties.

If you use this method to pay someone in the future because you currently do not have the funds but will have on a certain date -then it is important that this is communicated.
Caution: Do not just rely on the cheque to do so -as the person may forget. Attach a Post-it note also to the cheque reminding “Not to cash until...”     If you know the person -or they are responsible -then this may be ok.
However, if the cheque somehow gets cashed before your funds are in your account -then your bank may or may not honour your post-date request and you will be charged NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) fees from your branch as well as the person you are paying will also be charged by the bank.

Other reasons for Post-dating cheques are that you are paying a bill before it is due or the job is complete -the same cautions apply.  Post-dating cheques is legal -but purposely writing someone a cheque that will bounce or go NSF is fraud and illegal.


Or Payee line is for entering the name of the recipient -the person or business you are paying.

If you enter “CASH” as some people request -then make sure you hand over the cheque in person  -as anyone who receives this cheque can cash it (sign the cheque just before giving it to the person).
The same is true if you only write a person’s first name ie “Jane” -any Jane can cash the cheque -so it is better to include the last name or surname as well ie (Jane Smith -as in the illustration).

If you are paying a company, make sure you have their correct name and spelling.
For example, if paying “The Business Supply Company” -do not use an acronym “T.B.S.C.”  -or short-form unless they say it is ok.


When entering the amount in the box area, write in large numbers keeping within the box. Caution: It is important to keep the first number close to the left side of the box so additional numbers can’t be fraudulently added. Also, when ending, add a period, then enter the cents (00 for no cents) and underline so no more numbers can be added.


When writing out the amount -it is again important to start at the very left side with no gaps or spaces so a larger amount can’t be fraudulently added. The same is true when ending the amount: enter the cents (or 00 cents) then it is very important to draw a line to fill in the empty space.

5.  MEMO :

This line is optional but helpful for those receiving your cheque. You may want to enter the invoice number of the bill being paid, or a brief description eg (rent for June). It is also helpful for you if you did not record (in the register in the back of your cheque booklet) what the cheque was for or if you need proof that you paid for a certain bill.


When you sign the cheque it becomes valid.

As mentioned above, there are times when it is best to sign just before you hand over the cheque. 

What happens if you make a mistake when writing a cheque?
If you make a major mistake on the cheque -it might be best to write “VOID” across the cheque, tear in half, and shred.

Note the voided cheque # in your transaction register.
If the mistake is minor, you may cross out the mistake, enter the correction, and initial (write your initials) beside.

Banks may or may not process a cheque that is messy, unclear -or has a major correction.

Good cheque record-keeping practices:

Note the details when you complete a personal cheque in the register at the back of the booklet -this way you can track a cheque if it has been paid as well as keep a record of your current balance. Manual business cheques will have a stub at the side for record-keeping. Computer cheques keep a record on your computer as well as provide a physical stub for you to keep.

An on-line view of your account will provide you with a current balance and let you see which cheques have cleared and which ones have yet to go through your account.

Are Duplicate cheques a better system for you?
If your record-keeping is not the best, or if you want to save time recording entries -you may want to consider Duplicate cheques.

Behind each cheque is a pressure-sensitive page which records the details for each written cheque. Unlike cheques -the duplicate copy is not perforated and stays in your personal cheque booklet for good record-keeping.

Cheques Unlimited "Business Cheques for less! " sells duplicate cheques for personal and business cheques.

Always treat your blank cheques as cash and never leave unattended, or in a car.

How to deposit or cash a cheque you receive?

If you are depositing a cheque at a bank machine, your bank may or

may not require you to sign or endorse on the back of the cheque.

Caution:  you should never endorse a cheque until just before you

deposit because is now cashable by anyone.

How to protect who cashes or deposits your cheque?

You can help protect who can cash your cheque by printing a restriction

on the back:  FOR DEPOSIT ONLY near your signature. This way

the bank should only deposit your cheque to the Payee ie the person it

is made out to -in this case, you.

A more specific deposit restriction is one specifying your account.

This is helpful if you have more than one account. The best way to do this is by

using a Deposit or Endorsement Stamp which is the most popular use of self-inking

stamps. Cheques Unlimited "Business Chequesfor less! "  -can customize your

                                                                   deposit stamp with what you want or what your

                                                                    bank requires -it will save you time -and more

                                                                    importantly it will help ensure cheques are rightfully

                                                                    deposited into your account.  Inkpad is black and refillable.

The information provided here is believed to be accurate at the time of writing and is provided as a guideline only -banking rules and regulations may change and vary between banking institutions.

How to read a cheque?

The white band at the bottom of a cheque with various numbers

and strange characters - has your account details.

The 1st group of numbers is the number on the cheque.

The 2nd group of numbers is the transit number of your branch

which is connected with a dash to your bank institution.

Your account number is at the end.

In Summary:

Can you use a pencil to fill out a cheque?   No.

What is the best pen ink colour to use to complete a cheque?   Black or dark blue.

What is the best pen to use to write out a cheque?    A security pen with anti-fraud ink helps prevent fraud.

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How to write a cheque?
Writing a cheque is easy, but as with any financial transaction -it should be done properly.

Custom self-inking Cheque Deposit or Endorsement stamp
Image How to endorse or sign a cheque -by CHEQUES UNLIMITED

      Easy steps to Write a Cheque:

     Using a pen with dark ink, fill out:
1.  Date numerically.
2.  Recipient (the person/business being paid).
3.  Amount in numbers.
4.  Amount in words with a line across.
5.  Memo for payment description.
6.  Sign your signature.

     Important details below:

Image of How to Write a cheques by CHEQUES UNLIMITED "Business Cheques for less!"
Image of How to Write a cheques by CHEQUES UNLIMITED "Business Cheques for less!"

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