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Honored to print

Church business cheques

for these T.V. Ministries:

Imagine the impact if all Christian Churches were faithful stewards . . .

The Chosen -Amazing free series !

My heart is for God's people and His church -they deserve to be blessed!

                                                              When I began this ministry -I went to the church first (visiting almost every Christian church in the GTA)

                                                                      in order to save them money on their church business cheques. Churches would receive a blessing and

                                                                      pastors would receive a complimentary order of colourful Christian cheques with scripture verses.

                                                                      Those churches who ordered -are still with us -over 25 years later!

                                                                      Jesus said, “Whoever can be trusted with very little, can also be trusted with very much.”  -Luke 16:10

                                                                      Whatever the savings -God is able to multiply it (see the impact of ministries below).


Rather than issue ordinary business cheques -churches have the opportunity to proclaim their mission motto or witness with their favourite verse by ordering their church business cheques through Cheques Unlimited "Business Cheques for less! "  (same premium quality as the banks).  I feel "at home" visiting any Christian church where the Gospel is preached -and churches should feel at home ordering church cheques from fellow believers.  Our time here is short so let's save where we can; invest, and witness where we can; -and love the body of Christ!

    Provide 2 healthy meals (Second Harvest)
    Provide a local hot meal (Regeneration)
    Provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner (Mission Services)
    Provide a complete Christmas dinner (Regeneration)
    Bible for Brazil or South Africa (Immanuel)
    Sewing class in Brazil (EIC)
    Mango tree in a schoolyard (Plan)
    Disciple Pkg (Bible, booklets, teacher) in Uganda (EIC)
    Provide 7 local Christmas dinners (Regeneration)
    Provide 50 Local meals (Second Harvest)
    School Supply kits for Haiti or the Philippines (Emmanuel)
    Clay stoves for Tanzania (Emmanuel)
    Cataract Surgery for a mom or dad (CBM)
    Help a child walk after surgery ( CBM)
    Provide 80 local meals (Second Harvest)
    Food for Toronto youth for 2 weeks (Eva’s)
    Stop a child’s needless pain & blindness (CBM)
    Beekeeping kit with honey bees (Plan)
    Goats for widows in Malawi (Emmanuel)
    Drill wells in Malawi (Emmanuel)
    Literacy Training for 2 women including math (Plan)
    Wheelchair for a child (CBM)
    Sewing machine for mom or dad (CBM)
    Orthopedic surgery for a child (CBM)
    Rainwater tank 5,000L lasting 18 days (Plan)

    Well in Philippines . . .   This much savings???
     $400/year saved on cheques . . . over 20 years

  = $8000

  = or 16 years of Child Sponsorship

  Is there such thing as too small of a savings?

(Before you buy your church cheques

 from the bank,
 consider What a dollar can do. . . )

    Free order of Christian cheques for Pastors with

    your church cheques. (1 of 4 designs in booklet*)

      "Honour the Lord first from your wealth, and

       from the first of your produce."  -Proverbs 3:9

                 *options or customization may be extra

                   The faithful Steward

  • Faithfully manages the congregation’s offerings.
  • Saves church money by paying less for cheques.
  • Partners with fellow Christians, Christian ministries, and businesses.
  • Shares the Word of God on their cheques.
  • Receives a blessing for being faithful!

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Canadian Business Cheques printed for best price and shipped fast direct from printer!

(we are in the Greater Toronto Area and ship business bank cheques across Canada).

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