CHEQUES UNLIMITED"Business Cheques for less!"

Canadian Business Cheques printed for best price and shipped fast direct from printer!

(we are in the Greater Toronto Area and ship business bank cheques across Canada).

Canadian Business Cheques printed for best price and shipped fast direct from printer! (we are in the Greater Toronto Area and ship business bank cheques & across Canada).
  • unbeatable pricing
  • fast & friendly service
  • custom printing
  • low minimums
Cheques Unlimited business cheques Brampton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  Never fall in love with a Lie

The Truth


                                Banks are a

                                good place to

                                order cheques.






  "Any printer can print cheques as long as they follow

all the rules and guidelines according to

the Canadian Payments Association".


    Most printers leave cheque printing to the experts

like us   -as it is a highly specialized process.



                                                                             We will rescue you from the banks

Becoming rich -will not happen by earning more -if accompanied by spending more and saving less!

Cheques should do what they are supposed to do -after they have served their payment cycle, they are shredded

-so it doesn’t make sense to pay more than is necessary!  Paying more is throwing hard-earned money away.

If you are the boss -you already know the advantage of adding to the bottom line by saving money.
If you are the person ordering for your company, your boss will be impressed that you saved the company money.

How soon can I get my cheques?
This question often depends on how fast you can provide us with your complete information.
We need your:  1.  banking info (transit, account, bank address)         2.  address for invoice and shipping.

Missing Information, or sent late in the afternoon may result in missed cutoff times for shipping carriers or couriers. 

Orders placed on Friday for GTA (Greater Toronto Area) will arrive on Monday (unless Holiday).   

(Completely Custom Colour cheques may take a week or more depending on order).

How do I send in my info? 

Send a picture of your current cheque or online pre-authorized form, by e-mail, fax, or mail,

along with your completed form or requested info.

What if I don't have a void or canceled cheque?

Your on-line pre-authorized deposit form has this information (TD bank fails to include the 4-digit prefix attached to your account number so you will have to call your branch manager as tellers may not know this number).

Is shipping still free?  

Yes, -if you are ok with recent delays for Canada Post next day for business clients in the GTA or regular post for personal cheque orders.

Can you rush ship my cheques?

Yes, Guaranteed next day delivery (either by: 5pm, noon, or 10:30am) for GTA businesses will require a surcharge depending on the time selected and your location in the city.

(We will let you know carrier or courier cost once we have your address).

Shipping for personal cheque orders will be billed at cost.
(Alternate carriers require a physical address as they CANNOT deliver to P.O. Boxes).

Can I pick up my cheques?
We are not open to walk-in traffic -so you will NOT be able to pick up your cheques in person.
Enjoy the convenience of having your cheques delivered to work or home office!

Must I complete the order form?  

Incomplete or missing forms only cause delays.
Most clients find it easy to complete our fillable forms -if you are unable to complete -we will still need to know:  

          •    bank + transit + account
          •    Type of account: personal  or  business
          •    If business: Type of cheque: manual hand-written (2-per page; 1-per page binder or booklet)
                                                        or computer/voucher cheques -requiring you to have a computer accounting

                                                        program eg Quickbooks or Simply Accounting to print your cheques.
          •    Quantity
          •    Colour
          •    Starting number -each cheque is numbered (default is 101 or 1001)
          •    Single or duplicate copy below (for personal or manual business cheques)
          •    Logo -quality digital file provided in colour or b/w
          •    Accessories required:  binder for 1 or 2-per page cheques

                                                   deposit books (2-copy, 3-copy RBC)

                                                   envelopes (500/box) -double window for cheques
          •    Contact info: name, address, phone, e-mail address.      *you must be Authorized to order.
                 (Any attempt of fraud will be reported to authorities and may result in a criminal record).

Minimum order size? 

Yes, we offer low minimums, but it is more cost-effective as you order more.

Do you print for $U.S. dollar account? 


How do I pay?

Most orders require prepayment as with most online shopping purchases

(charities, churches, referrals & established companies may be Pre-approved).

We accept cheques, credit cards, deposits at bank, e-transfers.

What are your hours?  

We are open 8:30am-7pm every day except for Sundays and certain holidays.
Friday orders for GTA will arrive on Monday (unless Holiday).

How do I re-order?

  Simply contact us by e-mail/phone and let us know if:
  •  any info has changed (address, bank)
  •  which account (Canadian/U.S., General, Trust),  or simply the last 4 digits of account.
  •  last cheque number (so we can confirm with our records).

Why should I order cheques from you?     

 Since 1995 we have specialized in printing cheques.
 Our clients continue to re-order with us for:
 1.  Value (lowest price guaranteed) 
 2.  Quality (only Premium Security Cheque Stock which looks nice!)
 3.  Friendly, Fast service with Free shipping!

 4.  No middleman -we are the PRINTER so costs are lower!
 5.  Flexibly to customize your cheques to your liking!
 6.  Rewards Program   

We pride ourselves on the job printed right the first time.


★  Canada processes nearly one billion cheques every year.

★  The biggest cheque ever written was for $9 billion to bail

      out Morgan Stanley and save Wall Street in the 2008

      economic meltdown. 

★   The strangest cheque -though fictional  -was one written on a live cow. 

      There was a time when a cheque could in theory be written on anything

      portable, as long as it did not involve an offense.  A canoe and surfboard

      have been used as other large-sized cheque payment methods. Today,

      many banks would not accept over-sized cheques or they would charge an

      enormous processing fee, unless both parties moo-tully agreed.

History of Cheques 

Cheques developed as a safer way to make payments without cash.


The future of cheques 

As the world welcomes a cashless society, don’t think convenience comes without a price . . .

“A cashless society could be one of the greatest threats to freedom in human history.”  -Scott Shay (Signature Bank
 founder and chairman)

                                                                        Forget about privacy when every single transaction is monitored.

                                                                        If you have experienced the panic of having your credit card declined because

                                                                       your account has been compromised -imagine having no alternate back up when

                                                                       your digital paperless account is hacked or frozen upon investigation!

"You have to order   

cheques from       
the bank." -your teller

The name cheque is derived from the game of chess -a king “in check” has limited options -just as a cheque has limits. Both originated in India, with earlier types of cheques in use around 321BC. 

The Romans used a form of cheques as well, but it wasn’t until the early 1500s in the Dutch Republic, that the concept was developed as we know it.

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    Interesting Cheque facts:

cheque humour comic cartoon

Holograms in no way prevent fraud.
In fact, they give a
                        false sense of security!

(most banks have stopped using them)

I am all for being “upsold” if you are getting a better
deal or more features, but to me these dishonest
 or ill-informed salespeople pushing the metallic foil
 of a hologram or the thermochromic (heat sensitive)
 ink as "security" features are selling you a bill of
goods which don’t deliver what they are promised.
           It is like ordering a burger with “The Works”
            -and getting the burger on the right!

Frequently  Answered  Questions  -things your banker will NEVER tell you.

A Matter of TRUST   -Most people are now aware that they do NOT have to order cheques from the bank.

                                  For over 25years we have printed cheques at better pricing and faster service than the banks.

                                      Our cheques look nice and we only use Premium Security stock.

                                  Since we are the PRINTER,  there is NO middleman and NO delays!

                                  When a thief steals your money -you get mad.
                                  When the bank does it -you come back for more.
                                  Stop the madness!

                       We will help you stretch your dollar without compromising quality or security.

  Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. –Mark Twain


  •  Banks are the worst place to buy cheques.
  •  Over-priced (since banks are the middleman)
  •  Poor service.  No customization.

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