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Cheques Unlimited business cheques Brampton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Who are our clients?   Doctors,  lawyers,  accountants,  charities,  churches  .  .  .  major corporations.

Advertising agencies, adoption agencies, dance companies, Bible colleges, beverage, manufacturers, elderly services, relief agencies, financial planning agencies, film agencies, employment agencies, hockey teams, health care agencies, children’s camps, rescue services, senior care, women’s shelters, youth services . . . to mention a few businesses we print cheques for across Canada.

What these large and small businesses have in common -is that they have closed the door on bad business practices (ordering cheques from the banks).

And, have trusted us to be their #1 Cheque provider.

"It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep."  –Robert Kiyosaki

We offer MORE standard Colour choices!

Why use Computer instead of manual cheques?

Computer or Voucher Cheques  speed up  the cheque-writing process using your accounting software (such as Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, or other*).  This is valuable when you have many cheques write -and even more so when the same people or businesses are being paid since their info can be stored and easily retrieved.

The most common form of these cheques are “Laser” cheques -though they may be printed on any laser or inkjet printer.  (Though if the occasion requires it  -they also can be filled in by hand.  Consider keeping a smaller order of manual cheques for when you need to quickly provide a cheque to someone.)

Laser cheques are the same size as a normal sheet of copy paper (8.5"x11") with the page divided into 3

areas: cheque and 2 stubs.  The person receiving the cheque also receives the attached stub for record,

and the remaining torn-off stub is kept for your records.  Depending on the cheque writing software -the cheque can be at the top, middle, or bottom partof the page.

Need Accounting Software? 

We can save your 30% on your Intuit Quickbooks Accounting Software simply by contacting us.

This is a great saving and you will be glad you contacted us!


Another less common style is “Continuous Form” which has perforated side strips that allow the cheques to be tractor-fed through the printer.  Usually, an “Impact Printer” is used so businesses can keep several copies of the cheque for their records.

Computer cheques are more expensive than manual hand-written cheques however when small businesses grow they become a more cost-effective method of payment.

Another advantage is Double Window Envelopes  . . .

We have the best-fitting envelopes in Canada!

Our double window envelopes eliminate the need for address labels or the expense of return address envelopes  -simply insert the payment cheque.  Our custom-made envelopes guarantee perfect alignment for cheques so the “memo” line doesn’t show as do Staples brand envelopes.  We offer regular as well the further convenience of peel’n’stick or self-seal envelopes

Deposit Books . . .  Do you really need them?

RBC Royal Bank requires them -but most banks do not.  We are happy to print them for you but we can provide a solution for you so you don't have to purchase . . . Ask us how? !

Available in large format or smaller wallet size.     3-copy  or 2-copy

Deposit Stamps  or Endorsement Stamps speed up the process of depositing cheques by using a custom self-inking stamp for the back of your cheques with what you want or what your bank requires:  For Deposit Only, your Company Name,  Account Number.  This is a good banking practice that helps ensure the cheque is rightfully deposited into your account.  Inkpad is black and refillable.

Security Deposit Bags are ideal for day or night drop deposits or other valuable shipments requiring the highest degree of security protection against theft or alteration. Meets all Federal Reserve guidelines with ultra-level tamper-evident closure and sequential barcoding and numbering. 

Opaque single pocket 9 x 12".  Minimum Order =100bags

We only use Premium Security stock!

No matter what style of cheque you use -we only use premium cheque stock loaded with security features.

We will not waste your money on gimmicky features that look silly or do nothing for security such as the shiny reflective hologram images the banks once widely used (even they are coming to realize that this upsell will not prevent a cheque from being fraudulently altered -and gives a false sense of security!)

Your money is better spent promoting your own image through logos in black and white, colour, or -even in metallic foil embossing.

Better Security Options -include using an embosser similar to what the banks use so that the amount cannot be altered.  (If you are using hand-written or manual cheques -then a pen with Anti-fraud ink is a wise choice).

We offer Custom Printing as well!

Our creative team can help you with logo selection and design -as well as creating trulycustom  cheques for those understanding the importance of making a remarkable impression through every detail of their brand.

*Other Accounting Software for Printing Cheques  -no matter which one you are using  -Cheques Unlimited will match your accounting software cheques perfectly for:
AccountEdge, AccuFund, ACCPAC (Computer Associates), Accounting by Mac, Accounting Made Easy (Wings), AccWare, AgChek, AgExpert Analyst, American Contractor, Arch Administrator, Automated Church Systems, BPI Accounting, Billing Matters Plus, Business Mind for Jewellers, Business Vision, Business Works (State of the Art), Certiflex, Champion Profit, Check Maker, Checkmark Payroll, Church Data Master Plus, Church Pro, Church Windows (Computer Helper) , ClaimZone , Computer Ease, Condo Manager (Ingenium, Inc.), Cougar Mountain Fund Accounting, Crystal Accounting, DataPro (Power), Deltek Accounting, Discovery Management, DraftPro 2000, Easy Chair, Easy Pay 2007 , Easy Schedule for Baseball Umpires, Esilaw, Fast Cheque, FastFund (Araize), Fundware Pro (Intuit) Fundware Enterprise (Intuit), Globalware, GNU Cash, Great Plains Accounting, Hindsight, IDEAS Property Clerk, Impact (Syspro)Intuit, JustChecking, Just Write (American Precision), LanKar , MAS90, Master Builder, Martech Fair and Market Sale Management, Medlin Accounting, Method Financial, Microsoft Money, Microsoft Profit, Midas, Minotaur, Money Counts (Parsons), Money Matters, Multiledger (Checkmark), MYM/Managing Your Money (MECA), My Money, MYOB (Bestware), Navision, NetSuite , One-Write Plus, PaxLedge, PC Law, PC Mars, PCMRP, PC Payroll (Pensoft), Peachtree, Power Broker, Power Church Plus, Premier Accountant, ProCare, Practice Perfect, ProLaw, Quicken (Intuit), QuickBooks (Intuit), Real World, Romar, RouteScout (Fake Brains), SBT VisionPoint, Semaphore, Shelby Systems 2000, SigXP, Simply Accounting , Simply Money , Smyth Systems, SoftPro ProForm, Solomon 4, Spectra, SuccessWare, TenantPro, Timberline, TOPS, Total FBO Horizon Business Concepts, TRAMS, Tussman, Vantage, Visual AccountMate, Visual Ledger (Aboard), Visual Payroll, WebRezPro, Wintitle, Wynd2, Yardi Property Manager. 



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Canadian Business Cheques printed for best price and shipped fast direct from printer!

(we are in the Greater Toronto Area and ship business bank cheques across Canada).

CHEQUES UNLIMITED"Business Cheques for less!"