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Cheques Unlimited business cheques Brampton, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Ordering Cheques is easy!
How to order Canadian Business or Personal cheques from CHEQUES UNLIMITED "Business Cheques for less!"
Simply click on our link to download our fillable order form:

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We can't read your mind to guess the colour of cheques you want, or where to ship them, if you don't provide the necessary details for us to complete your order.  When you leave out key details, it prevents your order from being completed as quickly as it could be.

How soon can I get my cheques?

This question often depends on how fast you can provide us with your complete information. 

(Missing Information will delay your order).

We need your:  1.  banking info (transit, account, bank address).

                         2.  address for invoice and shipping.

Send a picture of your current cheque (note any changes) by e-mail, fax, or mail, along with your completed form or requested info. If you don't have a void or canceled cheque, send your on-line pre-authorized deposit form (TD bank fails to include the 4-digit prefix attached to your account number so you will have to call your branch manager as tellers may not know this number).

Orders sent late in the afternoon may result in missed cutoff times for shipping carriers or couriers.

We will still do our best to meet your deadline.

(Custom printing ie Trucking forms; completely custom colour cheques may take a week or more depending on order).

Is shipping still free?  

Yes, -if you are ok with recent delays with Canada Post next-day for business clients in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) or regular post for personal cheque orders. 

Guaranteed next day delivery (either: 5pm, noon, or 10:30am) for GTA businesses will require a surcharge depending on time selected and your location in the city. Shipping for personal cheque orders will be billed at cost.

(Alternate carriers will require a physical address as they CANNOT deliver to P.O. Boxes).

We are not open to walk-in traffic -so you will NOT be able to pick up your cheques in person.

Must I complete the cheque order form?  

Incomplete or missing forms only cause delays. 

Most clients find it easy to complete our fillable forms -if you are unable to complete -we will still need to know:   

          •    Type of account: personal  or business
          •    If business: Type of cheque: Manual Hand-written (2-per page, 1-per page binder or booklet)

                                                         or Computer/Voucher cheques requiring accounting program eg Quickbooks,

                                                              Simply Accounting etc.

          •    Quantity
          •    Colour
          •    Starting number (default is 101 or 1001)

          •    Single or duplicate copy below (for personal or manual business cheques)
          •    Logo -quality digital file in colour or b/w

          •    Accessories required:  Binder for cheques (1 or 2-per page)

                                                   Deposit books

                                                   Envelopes (double window for cheques)
          •    Contact info: name, address, phone, e-mail address.    *you must be Authorized to order.

                 (Any attempt of fraud will be reported to authorities and may result in a criminal record).


Minimum order size? 

We offer low minimums, but it is more cost-effective as you order more.

What are your hours? 

We are open 8:30am-7pm every day except for Sundays and certain holidays.

Friday orders for GTA will arrive on Monday (unless Holiday).                                          

How do I pay? 

Most orders require prepayment as with most online shopping purchases.

You can make your selection on our order form.

(Charities, Churches, referrals & established companies may be Pre-approved).

Reordering is easy. . .

Simply contact us and let us know if:
•    any info has changed
•    which account (General, Trust) or simply the last 4 digits of the account.
•    last cheque number (so we can confirm with our records).

Since 1995 we have specialized in printing cheques.                
Our clients continue to re-order with us for:               

  1.    Value (lowest price guaranteed)                              
                                                2.    Quality (only Premium Security CPA compliant Cheque Stock)                             
               3.    Friendly, Fast service with Free shipping!                             

       4.    Flexibly to give you what you want!                             

5.    Rewards Program                                                  

We make sure your computer cheques are better aligned than your current ones.     

Canadian Business Cheques printed for best price and shipped fast direct from printer!

(we are in the Greater Toronto Area and ship business bank cheques across Canada).

Canadian Business Cheques printed for best price and shipped fast direct from printer! (we are in the Greater Toronto Area and ship business bank cheques & across Canada).